Birmingham Mail Jobs

The Birmingham Mail is the industry giant with highest newspaper circulation with in United Kingdom and the large part of their newspaper distribution is in Birmingham. Birmingham Mail is considered pioneer of Print Media industry in United Kingdom. This newspaper is currently under the ownership of Trinity Mirror Group. This group also owns many other publications within UK such as Daily Mirror and The Birmingham Post, which are well-known as weekly business tabloid distributed in the area of Birmingham. Seeking job in big firms such as The Birmingham Mail isn't an easy task. You need to have complete industry knowledge, well informed individual, personal relations and of course a degree in journalism with focus on print media will aid you in achieving your dream job in the booming industry of Journalism today. If you are serious about getting in journalism industry, then this is the time to do some personal evaluation. Before thinking of applying to Birmingham Mail you should ask yourself; Is this job for me? Have I got what it takes to compete in this pioneering industry? If the answer is no, then you are just wasting your time as there are up to hundreds of applications coming in every month and your application wouldn't stand a chance if you are not as self-confident as steel about your skills and qualifications.

If your answer is ‘yes' to the above self-evaluating questions, then this is a dream job for you. Luckily for those who want to get themselves involved in the Print Media and in Birmingham Mail particularly. The Birmingham Mail runs program with opening of in various sub-categories or sub-divisions of The Birmingham Mail such as and Birmingham News. Applying to these extensive work-experience programs will give you an insight of your career in Print Media and will give you head-start in your journalism career. Such experiences can prove to be crucial in your job hunting. If you are highly skilled journalist who outperforms others in work-experience program, they might even invite you to join them as full-time journalist in one of their divisions but this happens only for a few exceptional ones. This means you have to think out-of-box and over the edge if you want to convert your work-experience program with The Birmingham Mail into full-time journalism career. For others who aren't as lucky or are exceptional ones still stand a fair chance to get into The Birmingham Mail by applying for one of their many divisions through traditional means. This means you have to either drop by a CV at their headquarters or e-mail it to them and wait for your luck to shine. Staying in contact with the colleagues you worked with during your program or with your program instructor will increase your chances of getting back to The Birmingham Mail as a full time journalist. This article is writing about the birmingham mail jobs.

Birmingham Mail Jobs

Be aware of the some of the guidelines to apply for work-experience program with The Birmingham Mail. This program is only available to people aged 18 and above. The program is usually of one week unless told otherwise. Demand of this program is continuously increasing rapidly with more and more novice journalists sending in applications every day. This can go up to 60 to 70 applications per week with only 5 to 7 openings available. On special occasions or events such as Christmas, Easter and summer holidays, as expected, are booked in advance for months. So the early you send in your CV and application, the fair chance you stand to get enrolled in the program the earliest. Refrain from applying on the above mentioned occasions as they just might prolong your application and program. After you have read this article thoroughly and understood everything. To apply for this program you should contact Jeff. He is a great mentor to have and is more than happy to offer advice or help you with any queries you may have with your career in journalism. If in any case Jeff isn't available you can locally go to their office and drop in CV for the program. Or send in CV with cover letter to the following address. This article is reading about the birmingham mail jobs.

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